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Regardless of the fact that Warsaw is the centre of business in Poland, it is still deemed the country's second tourist destination. The unique character of the capital of Poland is mainly due to its classicist architecture. This flourishing city has developed into a bustling metropolis. The most important monuments of Warsaw: the Łazienki Royal Garden, the Royal Castle or the Palace in Wilanów, all embody the priceless cultural heritage of the nation. It is worthwhile to note that Warsaw is a city that, since the XVI century, has been the scene of the most important events of our country and the place tied with its most recent history.

It is the rich cultural life of the city that attracts tourists the most. Numerous theatres, festivals and concerts don't leave much room for boredom. It is also in Warsaw where tourists will discover the most interesting galleries and museums, among which the Warsaw Uprising Museum has recently opened.

After an active day in Poland`s capital, everyone will find a place to relax and escape. Warsaw is also known in our country for the most elegant restaurants and cafés, as well as the biggest and most prestigious clubs and discotheques.